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  • Your Guide To Studying Associate Latin

    4 Lessons in


    Your essential guide to explain the PDC study programme.Three Introduction videos plus Study Guide, What to Expect in an Examination and How to Prepare for an Examination videos. Experience an PDC quiz and get the feel of how our lessons can help you to become a qualified dance teacher.

  • Associate Rumba Module including the Basic Principles of Latin American Dancing

    36 Lessons in


    The Associate Rumba Module including the Basic Principles of Latin American Dancing. The course is a comprehensive study guide and an analysis of the techniques used for the Associate Rumba examination in Latin American Dancing. The Basic Principle Section:- Explains in a clear way the techniques used in Latin American Dancing, it guides you through the best way to approach, and present your answers for an examination. The Associate Rumba Module:- A complete study guide, that will assist you fully in your preparations for an Associate Rumba Dance Teaching Examination. Course designers and authors Michael Sandham & Richard Hopkins.

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